Brad and Emily Booker with Garcia Properties: How To Be Rock Stars In Today’s Market

In today’s market not everyone can be a real Rock Star but Brad Booker really is one! Brad joins the Real Estate Market with his wife Emily Booker by bringing their experience of how to market your self and your home!

With Brad’s experience of being in bands like The Choice, Stir, Gravity Kills and playing the drums and opening for bands like Evanesence just to name drop, he understands how important marketing really is and what things you can do to make your home the ‘opening act’ in today’s market.

Emily who speaks English and Chinese assists those national &  international clients that may be finding themselves lost in translation!  Emily has grown up in the Real Estate Industry her entire life and has a ton of wisdom to offer their clients.

This duo real estate team hits the charts at number one!  Listen in today to hear more about their life transition of being Rock Stars in the Music industry to Rock Stars in the Real Estate Industry!

Contact Information:

Emily-and-Brad-Booker (1)

Brad & Emily Booker

Garcia Properties
3721 S Kingshighway
St Louis, MO 63109
Brad Phone: 314.422.4555
Emily Phone: 314.709.0551
Fax: 314.353.0336


Brad & Emily Booker Audio 1

Brad & Emily Booker Audio 2

Wes Villhard with HouseMaster Home Inspections: Shocking News on Electric Panels

Wes Villhard with HouseMaster Home Inspections shocks listeners  by bringing in Caleb Hunter with Extreme Electrical Contractors discuss the positives and negatives on the different electric panels out there and how to be sure yours is safe.

Listen in as the guys discuss what to look for in your home.

[divider]Contact Information:

Wes-VillhardWes Villhard
HouseMaster Home Inspections
4101 W. Argonne #140
Kirkwood, MO 63122

[divider]Caleb-HunterCaleb Hunter
Extreme Electrical Contractors

Wes Villhard and Caleb Hunter Audio

Dan Grosvenor with 5 Star Auto Sales: The Importance Of Car Maintenance Can Save You Thousands!

Dan-GrosvenorDan Grosvenor with 5 Star Auto Sales discusses with listener the importance of Car Maintenance and how by being sure of just keeping the oil changed can save you thousands.

Don’t miss his advise on the key critical maintenance items to keep your car as a reliable resource for transportation.

[divider]Contact Information:5starred

Dan Grosvenor
Car Financing Expert
5 Star Auto Sales
4516 South St. Peters Parkway
St. Charles, MO
Phone: 866-480-4447

Dan Grosvenor Audio

Clinton Hafley/Hud Home Specialist with Route 66 Realtors: How You Can Benefit From A HUD Home!

Clinton-HafleyClinton Hafley with Route 66 Realtors shares his insights on HUD housing and what qualifies a home, what qualifies you to buy a HUD home and if you are an investor how you can invest in HUD homes. Clinton and Doug discuss the possibilities for home ownership, the pitfalls that you may run into when buying a HUD home and how you can overcome some of them.

With Clinton’s work ethic and wealth of knowledge on what makes a potential home become a reality you may want to tune in to the show and find out how you can be a new home owner.

Contact Information:

Clinton HafleyNew Logo
Route 66 Realtors

Clinton Hafley Audio 1

Clinton Hafley Audio 2




Kelly Ruby with Country Financial: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take When You Want To Switch Insurance Providers

Kelly-RubyKelly Ruby, Insurance Specialist with Kelly Ruby talks about what the homeowner can expect when they make the switch to use a different Insurance Provider.

She touches on how things are handled with your escrow account, premium refunds and how to set up the new account with ease.  She also discusses how simple it is to switch your auto insurance as well and what to do when you are in an accident.

Contact Information:

Kelly Ruby
Country Financial
200 Kirkwood Rd
Kirkwood, MO  63122

Doug Haldeman & Tammie Renfro: 6 Basic Human Needs & How They Drive Us To Make Decisions

doug and tamDoug Haldeman and Tammie Renfro pick the topic of Tony Robbins- 6 Basic Human Needs to discuss how Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety, Significance, Connection/Love, Growth and Contribution drive us to make the decisions we make not only in our emotional and spiritual needs but how those needs influence our decisions for where we live and how we live.
Listen in and find out what need drives you in your decision making. Contact Information:

Doug Haldeman
314/472-DOUG (3684)


Stephen Burton/ Waterproof Solutions: Brace Yourself For Structural Foundation Issues

Stephen-BurtonYou have heard about the wise man who built his house upon the rock, but what happens when that rock begins to settle?  Well Stephen Burton with Waterproof Solutions joins the studio and shares with us about  what solutions are available to help correct foundations that are settleing.

Tune in and find out what exactly is available or if you need to talk directly to Stephen about your foundation give him a call today!


Contaction Information:

Stephen Burton

Waterproof Solutions

Listen in to the audio link below!

Stephen Burton Audio

Barry Habib, CEO MBS Highway: Should I Buy A Home In Today’s Market?

Barry-HabibBarry Habib is a mortgage industry executive, and Vice President & Chief  Market Strategist of Residential Finance Corporation and Founder and CEO of MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) Highway.  He has appeared regularly on Fox Business Network Fox Business Network and CNBC Networks, including his Monthly Mortgage Report show, which ran for 13 years on Squawk Box.

Barry joins us to discuss the Housing Market and the current economic status and if it is time to buy your next home.  Find out what things you can do to help your personal finance situation and lead you into your own personal recovery.

Contact Information:logo2
Barry Habib

Listen in to the Audio Links below:

Barry Habib Audio 1

Barry Habib Audio 2

Doug Haldeman: Do You Get That Sinking Feeling When You Hear Bailout?

photoDo you understand what Bailout means?  Did you experience a sinking feeling when you heard about the government bailing out banks and S&P 500 companies?  Have you ever wondered how it effects the U.S. Economy or the Consumer?

Doug Haldeman, Tom Terbrock, and Tammie Renfro discuss some of the breakdown on the bailout process and touches on a different perspective of how the bailout may have helped the economy.

Tune in today to learn more about the bailouts and how the economy has been effected.

Contact Information:

Doug Haldeman

314/472-DOUG (3684)

Listen in to the audio below:

Doug on the Bailout Concept