Sheryl Deskin & Erin Evans, Realtor/ Keller Williams-Chesterfield: A Team That Makes A Difference!

sheryl deskin team email sizeListen in on Sheryl Deskin & Erin Evans with Keller Williams in Chesterfield, MO this Sunday on FM NewsTalk 97.1.

They  have formed the powerful Sheryl Deskin Team. These ladies make a great team that is dedicated to making a difference for you!

So if you are a buyer or a seller in real estate or maybe you are another agent looking for coaching; whatever your case may be having them on your side can make all the difference in your success!

Contact Information:

Sheryl Deskin

Erin Evans


Tune In Below to listen in on what Sheryl and Erin have to say on today’s real estate market.

SherylDeskinTeam Audio 1

Sheryl Deskin Team Audio 2


Wes Villhard/ Housemaster Home Inspections: Are Yesterday’s Meals Showing Up In Your Basement?

wes villhardWes Villhard with Housemaster Home Inspections talks on a not so romantic topic: Sewers and Septic Systems.  He shares with us how so many people tend to not have a full sewer lateral line inspection.  He states that it is one that is one of the more important inspections to have on your home that could end up saving you a ton of money and clean up.

He encourages those looking to buy especially in rural areas and inner city areas to have their lines inspected.  Be sure to listen in to hear more on this topic, it could keep your basement from becoming a lagoon!

Call Wes Today!

Contact Information:

Wes Villhard
HouseMaster Home Inspections
4101 W. Argonne #140
Kirkwood, MO 63122

WesVillhard Audio


Nick Baur/ Southside Investment Club: What It Takes To Invest!

nick baurListen in with Doug as he interviews, Nick Baur with Equity Missouri to discuss an organization designated for business investors called Southside Investment Club.

They meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month and focus on all things related to
Real Estate, and Real Estate Investing: from Real Estate Education to Networking
with local agents, investors and service vendors. Our Real Estate Professionals
Happy Hour is normally on the 3rd Friday of the Month.

The attendee’s for SSIC are the seasoned investor, to the first time investor
looking for education and to get their feet wet; PLUS service vendors throughout
the Real Estate Industry! All skill levels and experience levels are welcome. The
caliber of person that is attracted to this type of event is really SSIC’s

Contact Information:

 Nick Baur
 Designated Broker
 Equity Missouri LLC
314-329-5068– Direct
888-860-3937 – Fax


Nick Baur Audio 1

Nick Baur Audio 2