Dan Grosvenor/Automotive and Auto Finance Expert-5 Star Auto Sales: Buying A Used Car vs New Car

dan automotive and auto finance expertListen in Sunday at 4pm to Dan Grosvenor with 5 Star Auto Sales.  Dan joins us as the Show’s Automotive and Finance Expert.  He shares with listeners about how buying a depreciating asset doesn’t have to be so bad.  You will hear tips for car buyers on the benefits of buying a “just like new” car versus a brand new car.

Tune in and tune up your thoughts when it come to buying a new to you car.

Contact Information:

Dan Grosvenor

Car Financing Expert
5 Star Auto Sales

Dan Grosvenor Audio


Gay Hendricks-Author/ The Big Leap: Will You Make Your Big Leap Today?

gay hendricks webGay Hendrick, Author of The Big Leap joins the studio to discuss his book and how it applies to all our lives in some way.  Listen in today!

Will You Make Your Big Leap Today?

Here’s  the bottom line: We have an inner thermostat that determines the amount of love  and success we allow ourselves. When we exceed our setting, we tend to sabotage  ourselves so that we can return to the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.  The thermostat was set before you could think for yourself, usually in early  childhood.

Here’s the Good News!

You  can consciously re-set your thermostat and go all the way to your full measure  of success in love and money. The Big  Leap shows you how.

Here is a sneak peak at what is in the book:

  • Preparing for Your  Big Leap: The One Problem and How to Solve It
  • Making the Leap:  Dismantling the Foundation of the Problem
  • Getting Specific:  How to Spot the Upper Limit Problem in Daily Life
  • Building a New  Home in Your Zone of Genius
  • Living in Your  Zone of Genius: Using the Ultimate Success Mantra to Thrive in Love, Abundance,  and Creativity
  • Living in Einstein  Time: Creating Time for the Full Expression of Your  Genius
  • Solving the  Relationship Problem: Transcending the Upper Limits of Love and Appreciation
  • Plus lots more

Contact Information:

Gay Hendricks
The Big Leap

Gay Hendricks Audio 1

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Gay Hendricks Audio 3

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Knox Mailhes/Integrity Land Title: Knox Co-Hosts The Doug Haldeman Show

knox mailhesKnox Mailhes with Integrity Land Title joins the studio to Co-Host with Doug this Sunday.  Knox is Vice-President of Integrity Land Title and shares with listeners how important it is for homeowners to complete their home purchase with them. They have learned, by offering more than title insurance and escrow services, their clients can count on them for other important parts of their real estate transactions. Integrity Land Title was founded in 1999 and has grown from a single location in St. Louis to 15 locations spanning across the Midwest from St. Louis to Lake of the Ozarks all the way to Kansas City. For more information be sure to contact Knox!

Contact Information:

Knox Mailhes


Integrity Land Title




Knox Mailhes Audio

Dan Fetsch/ I-70 Shoppers Fair: Hairbows To How Tubs At The New St. Peters Flea Market

dan fetsch show card jpeg We got wind of the Grand Opening Weekend August 24 & 25th for the Flea Market operation located in St. Peters.

Dan Fetsch has created an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy there day in this indoor 23,000 sq ft space that will be catering to families and individuals of all ages.

This indoor/outdoor Flea Market will be opened every Saturday and Sunday all year long from 9am to 4pm.

The flea market will have a food court, beer garden, live music and many different items available for sale such as pottery, jewelry, clothing, outdoor garden items, hot tubs and much more.

If you are interested in being a vendor or having a booth be sure to contact Dan today!

Contact Information:

Dan Fetsch
4894 N. Service Rd
St. Peters, MO

Andy Saitz, Expert Contributor/ JH Exteriors: Does Your House Stand Out From The Crowd?

andy saitz expert contributorDoes your home exterior stand out from the crowd?  Will your home stand up against the crazy weather in St. Louis?  There is one company that stands out as the experts in protecting your home from the elements and adds that exterior presence.

Andy Saitz, Vice President of JH Exteriors joins us to discusses what homeowners can do to update the exterior of their home such as windows, siding, roofing, doors, and gutters.  They can give your home a new look for a fraction of the price from other St. Louis Home Exterior Contractors.

Contact Information:

Andy Saitz
Vice President
JH Exteriors
6549 Hwy 61-67
Imperial, MO 63052
636-942-1346 Office
314-277-0380 Cell

Colleen Lawler, Operating Partner with the Irvine Team at Coldwell Banker/Gundaker – Chesterfield

colleen lawler show cardThe Irvine Team has created leverage through their team that has stood the test of time. Colleen Lawler and Kathy Irvine have managed to bring their skill sets together to offer their clients effective and efficient real estate services. They are dedicated to serving their clients and provide them with all the resources they need to be able to purchase or sell their home!

Listen in  this Sunday at 4pm to find out how they lead and serve with heart and soul!

Contact Information:

Colleen Lawler
The Irvine Team
Coldwell Banker Gundaker


Aaron Golchert/ The Newsletter Guy: N2 Publishing: Bringing Print Resources Back

aaron golchertListen in this Sunday at 4pm!

Aaron Golchert, the Newsletter Guy with N2 Publishing shares with us a great resource that is available for your subdivision, school or church.

N2 Publishing has been around awhile and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  This resource is a great resource for homeowners that are interested in getting the buzz on what is going on around them.  Truly a way to stay in the know about events, new neighbors, opportunities and a list of trusted resources for you to call when you may have that leaky faucet.

If you are interested in getting a publication for your association give Aaron a call today!

Contact Information:

Aaron Golchert
N2 Publishing

John Muller, SFR-Builder/Broker-Diversified Real Estate Group: Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying An Investment Property

john mullerListen in this Sunday at 4pm!

John Muller, Builder/Broker with Diversified Real Estate Group joins the studio to go through with us the top ten things to consider when buying an investment property.

From knowing the math to creating a major improvement fund listen in as John walks us through the successful steps to investing.

Contact Information:

John Muller, SFR
Diversified Real Estate Group
2722 Hampton Ave
Suite S
St. Louis, MO  63139