Gaspare Calvaruso/ SSM St Joseph Health Center: Understanding Healthcare Costs

gaspare calvarusoListen in today! With the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, going into effect on January 1st, 2014,  the spotlight is being put on healthcare.  We are joined by Gaspare Calvaruso, the President of SSM  St. Joseph Health Center to help us understand the cost structure of healthcare, and what you can do to save money.

Contact Information:

Gaspare Calvaruso

President SSM  St. Joseph Health Center

Michael Nettemeyer/ Realty Executives-The Nett Group:Marketing To Today’s Clients

michael nettemeyer show announcementAfter only eight full years in the business Michael Nettemeyer now owns and operates a top producing real estate team in the St. Louis Area . Michael is a local trainer and speaker, a top producing agent that sold over 100 homes in 2012.  Michael is also ranked as one of the Mid America Regional Information’s System’s top 100 agents in the area for total units sold in 2012. Michael’s innovative approach to marketing has allowed him to become a leader in the real estate industry.  His websites attract over 1 million annual views through the use of search engine marketing and social media.  This has allowed his team to create a database of over 10,000 active buyers that are actively looking for homes in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas. A normal real estate transaction has over 200 separate tasks that require a variety of skills.  For this reason Michael has built a full service team specifically for consumers. For the same price as working with a normal agent, consumers can take advantage of buyer specialists, listing agents, marketing department, transaction coordinators, telemarketers, inside sales, and virtual assistants. Michael Nettemeyer’s real estate team, his technology, and his systems are modeled by top real estate agents all over the nation. Call Michael Nettemeyer and his team if you are a buyer looking for the best deal or a seller looking to get your property sold for the most money in the least amount of time.  Calling Michael and his team costs you nothing, but not calling Michael could cost you thousands.

Contact Information:

Michael Nettemeyer

Realty Executives of St. Louis

12016 Tesson Ferry Rd., Suite A

St. Louis, MO 63128

(314) 761-4057

Meri Broadway/Morse Mill Hotel – I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

meri broadway showcardTo get in the Halloween mood, we invited Meri Broadway with Morse Mill Hotel to talk about the history of the hotel and it’s extra special guests that still reside there.

Originally built as a one-room house in 1816, the Morse Mill Hotel grew to 5,300 square feet under the watchful eye of engineer John Morse, a former Confederate officer and suspected warlock. In its present state, the hotel may house ghostly figures who once took up residence in one of its 33 rooms. Jesse James and company signed their marks in the guest register, and a famous female serial killer, Bertha Gifford, was kept in the hotel’s employ; a nearby gravesite marks her resting place. A burial ground for Confederate soldiers, relics of Al Capone’s old brothel, and a dungeon also add to the sinister air.

Meri or another expert paranormal guide leads amateur ghost gumshoes through the 33-room, four-story Morse manse, providing advice on where to find the friendliest demons. If they dare, guests are encouraged to snap photos to document their occult encounters with phantoms, specters, or eerily expensive minibars.

Contact Information:

Meri Broadway
Morse Mill Hotel
8850 Morse Mill Spur Rd.
Morse Mill,   Missouri  63050


Stephen Burton/ Waterproof Solutions: Foundations At Their Best

stephen burton show announcementStephen Burton with Waterproof Solutions shares with listeners today about his experience of finding a home in Ladue that didn’t have a foundation and what types of issues it created for the homeowner.

If you have foundation wall cracks, uneven floors, collapsing retaining walls, bowing walls are just some common foundation problems.

Waterproof Solutions has a trained and experienced staff in foundation repair.  If you’ve noticed wall cracks or slab floor cracks in your foundation don’t hesitate to call us. Our staff can schedule you an appointment with one of our foundation experts at your convenience. Waterproof Solutions offers a free inspection, consultation, and written foundation repair quote.
Contaction Information:

Stephen Burton

Waterproof Solutions

Andy Saitz with JH Exteriors: Working From The Top To The Bottom!

andy saitz expert contributor Normally we work from the bottom to the top listen in as Andy Saitz with JH Exteriors explains what to look for on the exterior of your home starting with the roof and working down to your foundation.   Andy and his team have a passion about what they can provide for the home owner.

JH Exteriors is a foolproof way to protect your investment! Don’t miss out listen in today to hear how you can save yourself money by doing some of these preventative maintenance projects.


Contact Information:

Andy Saitz
Vice President
JH Exteriors
6549 Hwy 61-67
Imperial, MO 63052
636-942-1346 Office
314-277-0380 Cell


Cheryl Johnson/ Johnson Realty: Taking Her Customers To The Finish Line!

cheryl johnson show card

Cheryl Johnson visits the studio to share her drive to get her customers into the right home!  Her marketing background for the racing industry has taught her what it takes to get your home sold and what to look for in a home for her buyers.

Being in the business for 14 years has helped her identify what it takes to get her clients to the finish line!

Listen in today to hear more about Cheryl’s approach!


Contact Information:

Cheryl Johnson
Johnson Realty
314.726.3174 O
314.565.5720 C
12329 Ballas Lane
St. Louis, MO  63131

Agency Underwriting Guidelines Versus Investor Overlays

mortgagesWhat is an underwriting overlay? 

• Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA have underwriting guidelines that all lenders must follow if the loan is going to be sold to, insured by, or guaranteed by them
• Lenders are allowed to add their own, more restrictive underwriting guidelines on top of these guidelines
• The additional guidelines are called underwriting overlays

How do these overlays effect the consumer?

If a consumer falls into the gap where they would qualify by the agency guidelines but their loan may still be denied if the lender they are working with is confined to the restricted to the investor overlays.

For example:  Someone with a 600  credit score looking for an FHA loan will be told by most lenders that a 640 credit score is required.  However, FHA does not have this restriction. The restriction is coming from the investor overlay.

If you or you know of someone that is interested in learning more about these types of loans and to see if you will qualify don’t hesitate to contact Doug!

Contact Information:

Doug Haldeman (NMLS#298419)

Who is Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae & Freddie Mac?

housingbureaus_copyA long time ago, in a country far, far away… wait…the country was the good old U.S. of A. and we were in the Great  Depression.  The government stepped in a variety of ways. They felt that the country needed a little help lifting itself out of this Depression as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal , and did so by creating such agencies as the Public Works Projects and the Fair Housing Act. They later created the government backed company Federal National Mortgage Association.

This government program called FNMA or Fannie Mae for short was to created in 1938 as a company who would help low, moderate and middle income families realize what has been referred to as the “American Dream”, home ownership.

Ginnie Mae, or GNMA, Government National Mortgage Association provides a link between capital markets (the lenders) and the Federal Housing markets. This makes Mortgage backed Securities more attractive to investors, such as pension funds and the like. The main difference between this company and Fannie Mae lies in the government backing. While the backing is only perceived in Fannie Mae, it is real in the case of a Ginnie Mae backed security or mortgage. 95% of all home loans through FHA (Federal Housing Authority) and the VA (Veterans Administration) are backed by GNMA.

What this means to the lender or the investor who buys their backed securities is that they will get paid, even if the borrower doesn’t make the payments and defaults on the loan. This government backing does not allow them to make riskier bets on the mortgage market, but allows them to make available loans in a rural and urban areas that are not the most desirable lending atmospheres.

This company was originally part of its older sister, Fannie Mae, and was created as one of the recovery steps taken by the government during the Depression. The National housing Act created the FHA, which eventually charted the National Mortgage Association of Washington and then again as the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA, or Fannie Mae). This company became a mixed ownership company with the government owning preferred stock, while the public held the common stock. In 1968, this was further divided with Fannie Mae becoming wholly a public owned company traded on the NYSE, and Ginnie Mae was spun off as a government owned association.

So they do the same thing, with the exception of how the money is raised, whether publicly as a traded company, or privately as a government backed entity. Ginnie Mae, is the lending branch of HUD, which is the enforcement arm of the government insuring that housing and the purchase of housing is a nondiscriminatory event.

HUD is involved with the government as the strong arm of the Fair Housing Act, helping communities develop and grow into livable and viable places. The branch of HUD that works with lenders is the FHA (Federal Housing Administration). The FHA provides the loans, which have limits (to find out what they are, click here) but the down payment requirements are usually lower than conventional loans. The goal behind HUD is affordability. They want home ownership to become a reality.

And then there is Freddie Mac. This is also a governmental creation and in fact, five of the eighteen members of its board are appointed by the President. This company is also a buyer of mortgages on the secondary market. Like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac provides money to lenders to continue their efforts at selling mortgages. This keeps the market liquid, which is just another way of saying that it will remain funded. Remaining funded means that money will be there it lend, and the interest rates are kept lower as a result. Money supply is the key element here. Freddie Mac, like Fannie Mae, is a publicly traded company and has been for thirty years.

In all likelihood, you have benefited from these companies at one time or another, and probably didn’t even know how.

For more information regarding your loan you can contact Doug directly:

Doug Haldeman

Government Spending Gone Wild

Listen in to the show as we have open discussion about the Government spending gone wild! As the numbers keep going up on the US Debt Clock what kind of game plan does the government have to cut spending?  Time will tell!  The Doug Haldeman Show airs live on Sundays at 4pm to 5 pm.Screenshot 2013-10-12 12.12.13

Kurt Mollet with SM Wilson: Commercial Construction In Today’s Economy

kurt molletKurt Mollet with S. M. Wilson & Co.  joins us in studio to review the process of building in today’s commercial economy.  If you are looking to invest, remodel, build or buy a commercial building you may want to listen in to today’s show.  Kurt demonstrates some new technology on blueprints in a 3D format check it out at

S. M. Wilson & Co is a 92 year-old construction management, general contracting and design/build firm headquartered in St. Louis with a wholly owned subsidiary, Rollins Construction Company, LLC in Indianapolis. S. M. Wilson provides a complete range of services, including pre-construction, pre-referendum, construction management, general contracting and design/build for clients in healthcare, senior care, retail, education, commercial, federal/MILCON and industrial markets.

They have built their business on honesty and integrity. Their open and honest communication has allowed them to build great relationships with their clients, partners and subcontractors. Today, 75% of S. M. Wilson’s business comes from repeat clients.

Listen in today!

Contact Information:

Kurt Mollet
Director of Pre-Construction Services
S.M. Wilson
2185 Hampton Ave
St. Louis, Mo  63139
314.633.5748 Office Direct