Doug Haldeman: Do I Lock Or Float My Mortgage Rate?


When you submit a home loan application, you will be asked if you want to lock in your mortgage rate or float the rate.

If you choose to lock the rate, you are guaranteeing yourself a certain interest rate on your mortgage. So if the lender says you can lock in an interest rate of 5% on your mortgage today, and you’re happy with that, they can lock it in for you.

This ensures that your rate will not change, even if mortgage rates spike higher over the days and weeks after you lock.

At the same time, this means you won’t be able to take advantage of a lower mortgage rate, assuming they drop even lower as your loan closing date approaches.

However, if you choose to float your rate, you’re essentially telling the lender that you don’t like where rates are at, and want to wait for better.

Or it could just be that your loan approval is still a month away, and you don’t want to lock prematurely and have to pay to extend your lock if it takes longer than anticipated to close.

Either way, your mortgage rate is subject to change until it is locked, so you’re taking a risk, whether calculated or not.

Call Doug today to see where rates are and to understand what options you have regarding your mortgage.

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Doug Haldeman NMLS# 298419

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Dan Grosvenor-5 Star Auto Plaza: What To Do With Your Tax Refund…

dan automotive and auto finance expert webSources say 1 in 5 people spend their tax refund on a car, Dan Grosvenor with 5 Star Auto Plaza shares with us how you can do that or how you can keep your tax refund and finance your next car purchase with them.

Get yourself on the highway to buying a car is key so listen in today to find out more!

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Dan Grosvenor

Car Financing Expert
5 Star Auto Sales

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Medical Malpractice Questions You Should Ask

stephen schultz show cardDo I have a case? 

When you or someone you care about suffers an injury during or as the result of medical treatment, the question of whether the injury gives rise to a legal claim can be a difficult one.

 How do I know if I have a case or not?

In civil litigation, such as a medical malpractice lawsuit, it is the Plaintiff (injured party) who carried the burden of proof. This means that you must be able to demonstrate, to the required legal standards, that:

  1. The healthcare providers you want to sue actually made an error in the care they provided to you; AND
  2. Their specific error caused or exacerbated your injury, or eliminated a chance you may have had for recovery; AND
  3. That you have suffered damages in an amount sufficient to justify the costs and time associated with litigation, and for which you can be compensated by a jury.

There are numerous instances in which physicians or other healthcare providers may do or say something insensitive, incorrect, or downright rude—this type of conduct, while it may amount to a poor bedside manner, is usually not going to be considered malpractice.

If you believe that you were injured as a result of a healthcare provider’s negligence, please call Stephen Schultz office to discuss your situation, we’re here to help.


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Stephen Schultz
Schultz & Myers Law Firm
999 Executive Parkway Drive Suite 205
St. Louis, MO 63141

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Am I Required To Reimburse My Health Insurance Company Out Of My Settlement?

stephen schultz show cardIt is a surprise to the vast majority of personal injury claimants that when they make a recovery they are usually required to reimburse their health insurance carrier. Normally clients do not read their health insurance policies, nor the summary plan description of the insurance policy, if they are provided with one by their employer. Thus, it comes as a surprise to learn that buried somewhere in these documents are several paragraphs providing that if an insured party makes a recovery in a personal injury case, he or she is required to reimburse the insurance company. 

Stephen Schultz with Schultz & Myers explains subrogation and what it means to you after you have been injured and received a settlement be sure to tune in or contact Stephen directly:


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Stephen Schultz
Schultz & Myers Law Firm
999 Executive Parkway Drive Suite 205
St. Louis, MO 63141

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Listing and Buying A Home With Pam Schroeder & Stephanie Theobald

Pam and Stephanie joins us in studio to dive into what it takes to buy and sell a house in today’s market!  They share their expertise and wisdom on real estate and some tips on what to look for when buying and selling a home.  Be sure to listen in today to hear more!


pam schroeder show announcementPam Schroeder is a St. Louis Native residing in St. Charles County Mo. Powered by Keller Williams Realty Pam has the wonderful opportunity to help others find a place that they too will love calling home. Pam is proud to say that her honest enthusiasm, relentless drive, passion, and communication are what set her apart. She knows what it takes to sell your home. Pam is on top of the most innovative marketing strategies to get you the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. She has been recognized for her innovative use of technology and has been voted #1 in client satisfaction by St. Louis Magazine yearly. Her outside the box approach to real estate marketing, has kept Pam as a multi-million dollar and top producing agent year after year. Pam has sold hundreds of homes and continues to stay on the cutting edge of real estate yet maintaing the ultimate personal approach. Pam Schroeder is your Realtor for Life.

Contact Information:

Pam Schroeder
Real Estate Agent

stephanie thobaldSince starting her real estate career 11 years ago she has never looked back.  Evident right away as she was “Rookie Of The Year” right out of the gate. She has a strong business background with construction and project management. Handling government contracting deadlines was a specialty. She has been receiver of many prestigious awards and never ceases to strive to achieve success at the next level. Here are a few of her accomplishments:

– Top 2 agent in KW 2012
-Top 5 agent in KW 2011
-Top 4 Team in KW 2011
-Top 10 agent in KW 2010
-Top 4 agent in CBG Wentzville 2009
-Top 5 agent in CBG Wentzville 2006-2008
-Top 5 agent in St. Charles County West 2004
-Top 10 agent in St. Charles County West 2005-2006
-Multi-Million Dollar Producer
-Awarded Five Star Professional Award for 2012 and 2013
-Awarded Reader’s Choice award in 2011
-Luxury Home Certified
-Rookie of the Year
-Member of National Association of Realtors
-Member of St. Charles County Association of Realors
-Member of Women’s Council of Realtors
-CARTUS Relocation Specialist
-RRES, 2007-Residential Real Estate Specialists

Contact Information:

Stephanie Theobald
Theobald Realty Group
636.346.7388 Cell


Segment 2: Pam Schroeder and Stephanie Theobald

Segment 3: Pam Schroeder and Stephanie Theobald

Segment 4: Pam Schroeder and Stephanie Theobald