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Do You Have A Personal Injury Case?

stephen schultz show cardA Proven Track Record of Success

Schultz & Myers is recognized as Missouri’s Winningest Law Firm by Missouri Lawyers Weekly, the legal authority for all practicing lawyers in Missouri.  Listen in today to hear more on why you should choose Schultz & Myers.

This accomplishment is a culmination of hard work and having a legal team consisting of the most skilled personal injury lawyers in the state. Several of our achievements have been featured by national legal periodicals and covered by local and nationwide news outlets.

Some of our results are confidential. We have obtained tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

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Stephen Schultz
Personal Injury Attorney
Scultz & Myers
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How To Reduce Your Closing Costs On Your Mortgage


When you take out a mortgage, whether it’s for a purchase or a refinance, you must pay closing costs, which can vary considerably.

There are fees that must be paid to the lender, along with optional ones, such as mortgage discount points, and fees that must be paid to third parties, such as title/escrow and insurance.

Whether you pay these fees out-of-pocket is another question, but either way there will be a cost, and you must pay it in one way or another.

Two Types of Closing Costs

There are two main types of closing costs, including “recurring closing costs” and “non-recurring closing costs.”

Recurring closing costs are those that will be charged more than once, whereas non-recurring costs are charged just once.

Here are some examples of recurring closing costs (paid more than once):

– Homeowner’s insurance
– Mortgage insurance
– Flood insurance
– Property taxes
– Interest
– HOA dues

*Note that not all fees are necessarily applicable depending on the property, location, loan type, etc.

Here are some examples of non-recurring closing costs (one-time fees):

– Lender fees (underwriting, processing)
– Loan origination fee
– Mortgage discount points
– Credit report fee
– Appraisal fee
– Home inspection fee
– Termite inspection fee
– Building record fees
– Title and escrow fees
– Doc prep fees
– Recording and wire fees
– Notary and messenger fees
– Transfer taxes

As you can see, there are quite a few costs associated with obtaining a mortgage, and not everyone has the cash on hand to pay for all these fees.

If you want to reduce your closing costs, there are number of strategies to do so and you should call The Doug Haldeman Mortgage Team today to start your loan process and see where you can save today and for your future!

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Doug Haldeman NMLS# 298419

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I-70 Shoppers Fair: A Flea Market That You Won’t Want To Miss

dan fetsch show card jpegWe got wind of the Flea Market operation located in St. Peters called the I-70 Shoppers Fair.

Dan Fetsch has created an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy there day in this indoor 23,000 sq ft space that will be catering to families and individuals of all ages.

This indoor/outdoor Flea Market will be opened every Saturday and Sunday all year long from 9am to 4pm.

The flea market will have a food court, beer garden, live music and many different items available for sale such as pottery, jewelry, clothing, outdoor garden items, hot tubs and much more.

If you are interested in being a vendor or having a booth be sure to contact Dan today!

Contact Information:

Dan Fetsch
4894 N. Service Rd
St. Peters, MO

Building In Today’s Market…Listen In This Sunday At 4pm

knox mailhes and john muller

Knox Mailhes with Integrity Title Solutions and John Muller with Diversified Real Estate Group join Doug in a discussion about building a home in today’s market.

In 2013, the housing recovery was a welcome bright spot for the economy: prices were shooting up, fewer homeowners were underwater, and builder confidence was finally on the upswing. It’s looking like 2014 should be another good year for housing–mostly.

A home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. In the end, the most important thing is getting a house that suits your needs — one that fits your family, but also your budget. These tips might not be practical for everyone, but those who can put them to use will get themselves a better deal.

Listen in today !


Contact Information:

Knox Mailhes
Integrity Land Title


John Muller, SFR
Diversified Real Estate Group
2722 Hampton Ave
Suite S
St. Louis, MO  63139


Need A New Car But You Filed For Bankruptcy?- Dan Grosvenor/ Automotive Expert

dan automotive and auto finance expert webWe understand that the decision to file bankruptcy was not an easy one. We also understand that you are faced with a lot of uncertainty and are probably asking yourself will anyone give me a loan, and what am I going to do for transportation?

You hired your bankruptcy attorney because you felt that they were the best choice to steer you through your bankruptcy filing.   He or she undoubtedly had the knowledge to file the proper paperwork with the courts to allow for the discharge of your debts. The problem is that most attorneys are not able to keep up with the ever changing automotive and finance market. It simply isn’t their area of expertise. For that reason, we see so many people that keep a car loan that they owe so much more than it is worth simply because they feel that they have no other options.

After a period of time, when it is time to trade this car in they find that they are in the same place that they were before due to the negative equity that they carried though the bankruptcy. The primary reason for filing bankruptcy is to relive you of bad debt. If you owe more on your current car loan than what it is worth, you should consider that a bad debt.

Give Dan a call and allow him to do a 5 minute evaluation of your situation before it is too late.  Regardless of whether you finance a car from 5 Star Auto Plaza or not, you will at least have the knowledge to make an informed decision before you no longer have a choice.

Contact information:

Dan Grosvenor

Automotive and Auto Financing Expert
5 Star Auto Sales

Do you own a motorcycle or an ATV? Have you been involved in an accident?

stephen schultz show cardA roadway accident of any kind can bring with it all sorts of trouble and trauma that you never expected. Motorcycle accidents are no different, and the injuries caused in a motorcycle wreck are often much worse than those caused by a car accident. Motorcycle accidents commonly cause debilitating injuries and can lead to massive medical bills.

When you have been involved in a motorcycle accident it is extremely important to hire a personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable on the laws that apply to motorcyclists. If you can find an experienced St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer, you greatly increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation for both past and future damages.

Listen in today as Stephen Schultz explains what your rights are, what insurance coverage you should have before getting on the motorcycle or ATV.  Be sure to contact Stephen Schultz with any questions regarding your situation.

Contact Information:

Stephen Schultz
Personal Injury Attorney
Schultz & Myers



Listen this Sunday FM NewsTalk 97.1: The Doug Haldeman Show

Listen this Sunday from 4-5 pm on FM NewsTalk 97.1- The Doug Haldeman Show.

Sunday’s Show we will be talking about how to buy a car after bankruptcy with Dan Grosvenor and we will be covering the topic of Motorcycle and ATV accidents and what type of insurance you need to make sure you have if you own one or both of these vehicles.


Dan Grosvenor
Automotive and Auto Financing Expert
5 Star Auto Sales
636.926.9902  dan automotive and auto finance expert web


Stephen Schultz:
Personal Injury Attorney
Schultz & Myers
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Shopping Around: Do you know the right questions to ask when shopping for a mortgage?

Doug Haldeman Show webWhen most people shop for a mortgage the only questions they know to ask are, what is your rate and what are your fees? The best rate in the wrong loan program may cost you thousands of extra dollars over time.

First: Are you working with a True Mortgage Professional?

Second:  Do you know the Rules and Secrets to shop effectively?

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