Understanding Home Appraisals

krisit mccoyFor an appraisal on your home:

Kristi McCoy

McCoy Appraisal




Listen in as Appraisal expert Kristi McCoy debunks several appraisal myths.  Kristi explains:

  • Different types of approaches in figuring the value of a property:  Sales Comparison, Cost Approach, & Income Approach
  • Why Sales Comparison is the most widely used
  • How much do home improvements add to the value of a property and why?
  • What is the rule for basement square footage?
  • What if you have a unique property where there are few or no comps?
  • The Home Valuation Code of Conduct that went into effect in 2009

Appraisal Made Easy:  Part One

Appraisals Made Easy:  Part Two

8 Essentials When Choosing a Realtor with Stephanie Kelsey Cottrell

stephanie kelsey cottrellFor expert advice, coaching, or consulting:

Stephanie Kelsey Cottrell




Or check out her youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PuravidaCoaching

Buying a home? Real estate agents role is not to show you pretty houses. Their role is to be your real estate coach! Continue reading 8 Essentials When Choosing a Realtor with Stephanie Kelsey Cottrell

The 7 Financial Benefits of Home Ownership

Money & Homeownership 21. Homeownership Builds Wealth Over Time

We were always taught growing up that owning a home is a financially savvy move. Our parents knew it, and their parents knew it. But this past decade of real estate turbulence has shaken everyone’s confidence in homeownership. That is why it’s so important that we discuss this again now that we’re in a ‘new market.’ Homeownership can be a very savvy financial move – but only if people buy homes they can actually afford. Today, the idea of sticking to a home you can afford to gradually build wealth is a “rule” that just happens to be new and old at the same time. Owning a Home is a hedge against inflation as housing will typically appreciate at least 3% per year. Although for the last 50 years we’ve seen appreciation rates of closer to 4-5% per year.  Continue reading The 7 Financial Benefits of Home Ownership

Home Scouting: Home Search made easy!

Home-Buyer-Scouting-Report-Dallas-DFW-Homes-For-SaleHome Scouting is the best Real Estate Search engine available, and was rated #1 in the country by its users. As a listener of the Doug Haldeman Show, we are giving you FREE access to the Home Scouting Report to give you an unfair advantage against other homebuyers!

Accessing Home Scouting on your computer: Look for the Home Search tab listed above and choose the dropdown for Home Scouting Report. At the top of that screen there will be a place to register. Once you register on the site, you’ll be able to access all of the features, save properties to your favorites, and keep your searches for each time you enter the site.

Accessing Home Scouting from your Smartphone: Go to iTunes or Google Play on your phone. Search the Apps using the phrase “Home Scouting”. Download the Home Scouting App at no cost using the VIP code: DougH (not case sensitive)

Continue reading Home Scouting: Home Search made easy!