Success Story – Super-Jumbo Mortgage for Busy Doctors

SuccessRecently our team closed a loan for a couple that were both doctors.  With their busy schedule, they hadn’t taken the time to refinance out of their adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) into a fixed interest rate loan.  As part of our database updates we were able to reach out to them so they could take advantage of the market opportunity.

The doctors might have a job change in one year.  This was an important fact when our team recommended a loan product.  In their situation it is important to do the loan with no closing costs so their break-even point is immediate.  If they move in one year then they were still able to save a significant amount of money on their mortgage.  If they don’t move, the savings becomes huge over time!   Continue reading “Success Story – Super-Jumbo Mortgage for Busy Doctors”

Are You Broke or Poor?

brokeDoug and Tammie review an article by Dave Ramsey called 25 Myths Broke People Believe.

Link to the original article:

We’ve all fallen victim to some of these myths.  Listen to find out if any apply to you!

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Audio 2:

Are you on the Path2Buy?

widgetWhy don’t more renters buy homes?  A survey of 318 renters was very revealing as there were 7 1/2 reasons that were identified.

Doug Haldeman recently became certified as a Path2Buy Homeownership Coach.  If you are a renter or know a renter that needs to get on the Path2Buy, visit our site and watch the videos.  Then be sure to sign up for our FREE coaching program!


Liquidity, Big Lenders Losing Business, and a Great New Resource

LiquidityLack of Liquidity:  The 800 pound gorilla that can crush you!

People don’t keep enough of an emergency fund, and it creates crisis situations when something unexpected happens.

  • Car repair
  • Medical issue
  • Hospital/Doctor bills – especially with higher deductibles
  • Time missed at work
  • Major house repair
  • Roof
  • People live on the edge of their budget.
  • Common when people buy a new home. They want to start making changes right away, before they can really afford it.

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Are the Haldeman’s the Next Brady Bunch?

Playground GangDoug and Tammie give a family update and cover what it’s like to have eight kids in a blended family.  Listen in to find out how finances and time management look completely different in a large family.





Realtor Safety

Beverly Carter

The murder of Beverly Carter in Arkansas sent shock waves through the Realtor community nationally.  This case brought awareness to all Realtors about their vulnerability, and the precautions that are necessary.  Maggie MacDonald from Cooper Realty Group at Keller Williams joins us in studio as we talk about some of the changes that have been necessary in the Realtor community. Continue reading “Realtor Safety”

The Devil is in the Details – Where Real Estate Transactions Go Wrong

Devil in the Details
Have you ever had a home purchase or mortgage transaction die because of a detail that you never thought of?  Maggie MacDonald from Cooper Realty Group at Keller Williams joins us to cover how the Devil is in the Details: where real estate transactions go wrong and how to prevent them.  In our interview we break down into the three professions that cover the details and have to deal with solving problems as they occur.  We answer all of the questions below in our in-depth interview:

maggie macdonald
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Jumbo Loans Now Have Lower Rates than Conventional Loans!

Doug Haldeman Show webThe Doug Haldeman Mortgage Team is now the premier lender for Jumbo Loans in Missouri.  Powered by Cherry Creek Mortgage and their status as a Top 25 Mortgage Lender nationally, we are now able to offer jumbo loans at rates that are lower than conventional loans.

Jumbo loans are loans that exceed $417,000, which is the conforming loan limit through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Conforming means that the loans conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines.  Conforming loans are also called conventional loans.  Jumbo loans are referred to as non-conforming loans because they don’t have to “conform” to Fannie or Freddie guidelines.

In the past, most jumbo loans were adjustable rate loans.  Now, we can offer a 30 year fixed interest rate that is lower than the market rate.  Many affluent homeowners that are in adjustable rate loans now have a chance to secure a fixed rate at historically low levels.

With the government printing money at record rates, it is very likely that rates will be going up over the next several years.  Now is the time to consider moving to a fixed interest rate.  Reach out to us and our team will help analyze your situation to see if you are a good candidate.

Call us at (314)472-DOUG (3684) or email me directly at .




Don’t Avoid Your Recall Notice

stephen schultz show cardStephen Schultz from Schultz & Myers gives us the tips we need for Recalls on cars, toys, and many other items.  Make sure you don’t get caught off guard by not acting on the notices!

If you’ve been injured and need advice, call Stephen Schultz and his team at Schultz & Myers right away.  314-444-4444


Reducing Halloween Liability with Stephen Schultz

stephen schultz show cardStephen Schultz from Schultz & Myers helps us reduce our liability and avoid accidents during the Halloween season.

Don’t forget to download our humorous Halloween Liability and Indemnification Agreement!

For legal advice, be sure to reach out to Stephen Schultz and his team at Schultz & Myers.