The Start of Something Great: Interview with Listener, Ryan Leach

Ryan Leach in StudioIt is a truly humbling and wonderful experience when you are about to change someone’s life for the better. I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to change the lives of my listeners every Sunday on my radio show and every day in my office. It is my passion in life to help as many people as I can get out of debt, save money, and own their home.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a regular listener of the show, Ryan Leach and he wanted to learn more about taking the steps to owning his first home. After meeting with Ryan and his wife I knew that he would be great to have on the show to discuss getting started on their path to home ownership. Continue reading “The Start of Something Great: Interview with Listener, Ryan Leach”

Video in Public: Is it Legal to Film Police Officers?

RiotStephen Schultz from Schultz & Meyers Law Firm answers questions about the legality of taking video and pictures of Law Enforcement in public. Below is an excerpt from Stephen’s blog post on the topic:

Is it Legal to Film Police Officers?
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Dram Shop Claims with Stephen Schultz

Dram Shop1What is a Dram Shop Claim?  It is the legal term referring to a bar or tavern where alcoholic beverages are sold.

Stephen Schultz from Schultz & Myers Law Firm is an expert in understanding the liability for bars in the event of accidents or death.

In our in-depth interview, we ask Stephen when bars have liability and when they don’t. Does it apply to individuals having a party?

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You Might Be Ready to Move If…Top 10 Reasons

ReadyToMove1We get called on a weekly basis from people that want to move.  We help by providing mortgages, and we help match you with the best Realtor. My contact info is listed below, reach out if you need help or advice.

There are many reasons why someone wants to move.  Some are for positive life changes and others are for negative reasons.  We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 10 Reasons it may be time for YOU to move. Continue reading “You Might Be Ready to Move If…Top 10 Reasons”

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in St. Louis and Most Expensive House in America!

MostExpensiveHome1Do you know what neighborhoods in St. Louis are pulling in top dollar?  Huntleigh tops the list with a median list price of 2.35 Million and median sales price of 1.375 Million.  Huntleigh is followed by Ladue, Town & Country, Westwood, Clarkson Valley, St. Albans, Clayton, Frontenac, Des Peres, and Crystal Lake Park.

The chart below shows the median sales price in blue and the median list price in orange. Continue reading “Most Expensive Neighborhoods in St. Louis and Most Expensive House in America!”

7 Seller Disguises (What You Aren’t Seeing)

Hiddent DefectsNobody likes to point out their own flaws…especially sellers on homes.  Sellers are legally required to fill out a seller disclosure form to be up-front about issues with the home.  However, it is very common for the seller to not point out everything that you need to know.  A home inspection is vital to making sure you are protected.  Even home inspectors miss things though, so it’s important for you to do your own homework.  Caveat Emptor in Latin means Buyer Beware.  Here are the top 7 flaws that sellers disguise: Continue reading “7 Seller Disguises (What You Aren’t Seeing)”

Heard of the Underwear Index? Economic Indicators that Aren’t Boring!

Mens-Underwear-Index-2Do you think that most economic indicators are boring?  We sure do!  You can watch eyes glaze over when you start talking about economic indicators.  CPI, PPI, Unemployment, Non-Farms Payroll…most people don’t understand them and don’t care.  Here is a list of some indicators that we can all understand:

Cardboard Box Shipments:  When the economy is doing well, consumers buy products.  This means shipments of products go out and they are commonly in cardboard boxes.  Monitoring the number of cardboard box shipments will end up giving you a faster report of the state of our economy and consumer confidence! Continue reading “Heard of the Underwear Index? Economic Indicators that Aren’t Boring!”

Obscure Income When Qualifying for a Mortgage

images[6]Did you ever think that you could qualify for a mortgage and then couldn’t?  We go inside Fannie Mae’s guidelines to give you the true bottom line on what income actually CAN be used to qualify for a mortgage.  Qualifying for a mortgage is much easier if you get paid a salary or hourly wage with a guarantee of a certain amount of hours.  Often situations require the use of more obscure sources of income.

This topic provides information on documenting and qualifying a borrower’s income from sources other than wages and salaries, including: Continue reading “Obscure Income When Qualifying for a Mortgage”