Advice for 18-20 Somethings

A-Guide-for-Young-People-What-to-Do-With-Your-LifeDoug and Tammie’s son Derek joins today’s show to canvass what it’s like trying to figure it out at a young age.


Part one:

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Stephen Burton of Waterproof Solutions

stephen burton show announcement

Stephen Burton is an expert when it comes to cement, concrete, and carbon fiber. If you or anyone you know has foundation issues with your home contact Stephen Burton at 636-236-9933.

You Might Be Ready to Move If… Top 10 Reasons

ReadyToMove1We get called on a weekly basis from people that want to move. We help by providing mortgages, and we help match you with the best Realtor. My contact info is listed below, reach out if you need help or advice.

There are many reasons why someone wants to move. Some are for positive life changes and others are for negative reasons. We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 10 Reasons it may be time for YOU to move. Continue reading You Might Be Ready to Move If… Top 10 Reasons

Kids Chore Chart System

Kids Chore ChartDoug and Tammie agree that raising children to be responsible adults takes organization and teamwork.  They have tried and failed on other Chore Chart Systems so far the one they have landed on is working and wanted to share the details.

Here’s how it works:

Personalized Chore Chart

It starts with the weekly Personal Chores.  Each child can be different on these depending on what it is they need to work on.  However, the PC’s are chores they have to do every day.  We fill these in together at the end of the day.  It gives them input and they are more apt to do them and eliminates the whine factor and we are not talking about your favorite Merlot here.

These chores are the basics as we tell the kids.  They are not back breaking just good habits to get into.  Things like brushing their teeth, taking a shower, make their bed, do their homework.  For these personal chores they receive Merits that are turned in for time on the computer, Ipad, TV, X-Box.

Merits/Demerits (merit demerit pdf)

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Financial & Marital Harmony

handmoney3aListen in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman alongside Producer Tom Terbrock discuss the number one problem in marriages: money, and what you should be doing to avoid the issue.

It’s this simple: Money can ruin your marriage. In fact, it’s the number one problem in marriages and the number one cause of divorce.

People often underestimate the commitment in merging two lives together. The reason we fight most about money is because it’s the most measurable. Sure, compromises also need to be made when it comes to issues of time, space and affection, but with money, the give and take is quantifiable. Continue reading Financial & Marital Harmony

TSS A New Disease. Do you Have It?

we-buy-houses-in-birmingham-alabama-200x300Tune in as Doug and Tammie Haldeman alongside Tom Terbrock discuss the symptoms of TSS a new disease. Toxic Seller Syndrome. Do you have it?

Selling a home is a stressful process — the pressure is on to move the home quickly and at a good price. Ideally, you’ve done your homework and selected a great agent, and spent time making your home sparkle, and now it’s practically HGTV-style ready to sell!

“Then what’s the holdup?” you may be wondering when your listing lags.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but have you considered that you may be the issue?

Here are a few of the most notable ways you could inadvertently be sabotaging your own home sale. Read carefully through the “symptoms” below to see if you are indeed suffering from Toxic Seller Syndrome.

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St. Louis Real Estate News

Two St Louis Areas were the most profitable zips in the U.S. for flipping property in 4th quarter

Two zip codes in the city of St Louis made RealtyTrac’s list of “Zips with the highest gross returns (from flipping property)” for 4th quarter, 2014.  The 63139 zip code, which includes the Dog Town area of St Louis, came in number 2 on the list with an average gross return on investment of 163.9% and the 63116 zip code, which includes Tower Grove South, Holly Hills, Dutchtown South and Bevo, came in 9th on the list with an average gross return on investment of 127.7%.
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Home Scouting: Home Search Made Easy!

home-scouting-appHome scouting is one of the best programs to use when searching for new properties. Some people might use Zillow or Trulia but the issue with these real estate search engines is that they are missing at least 30% of the listings that are out there. These websites don’t have direct access to the MLS that agents use. Home Scouting has 100% of the listings that are on the MLS and it also provides a user friendly interface. You can access Home Scouting here on Doug’s website by finding the Home Search tab which will link you to Home Scouting or you can download the Home Scouting app directly to your smart phone. When you enroll use Doug’s updated VIP code: DougH (not case sensitive) and you can start searching like a pro today.
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