Don’t Let Summer Fun Be A Summer Bummer: Keep Your Family Safe While On The Water

jet ski boat accidentStephen Schultz with Schultz & Myers Law Firm joins us in studio to review the watercraft laws of Missouri Lakes and Rivers. He shares his experience on and off the water when dealing with injury cases and reminds listeners about some of the restrictions Missouri has in place.

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Is An ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) The Right Loan For You?

Adjustable-Rate-MortgageIs an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) the right loan for you? Some think that interest rates aren’t low enough to justify refinancing. However, don’t miss the opportunity that an ARM may present. Moving to a 15 year fixed is popular because the interest savings can be big. With the lower interest rate comes a much higher payment. That lack of cash flow is what might lead someone to explore an ARM. When is it right for you? ARM criteria:

  1. You plan to live in your home for a limited time; less than ten, seven years or even less than five years. This is usually guided by life events. Maybe you bought a starter home and you know you’ll want to upsize. Maybe you are close to retirement and will want to downsize. Maybe you are just ready to move up to a bigger place. I’ve seen several people that want to move to be closer to their kids.
  2. Don’t take an adjustable rate loan to stretch the amount of your home purchase.
  3. Keep good cash reserves (6 months of house payments) in case you still live in the home when the rate adjusts.

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10 Quick Tips for Financial Planning Together


Doug and Tammie talk about finances quite often and wanted to share 10 quick tips they always follow for financial planning together:

1. Set priorities and specific goals. don’t assume you both have the same goals without discussing them.
2. Discuss values. Sometimes differing values make agreement on goals difficult. When one person wants to spend now and one wants to save for later, it can be a source of friction. The same is true when one spouse tends to be less risk oriented than the other about investments.

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Peace of Mind Long-Term Lock


Is it smart to lock my interest rate while building a home? Generally construction takes four to six months to complete. The shorter the interest rate lock the better the interest rate. When you look at quoted market interest rates they are typically 30-day rate locks. Every 15 days after the original 30-day lock period rates increase slightly. Once you get up to a 90-day or 180-day rate lock lenders charge a fee to secure your rate. Is this money going towards closing costs? Extremely unlikely. Continue reading “Peace of Mind Long-Term Lock”

4 Proactive Tips to Take Before Listing Your Home

Selling-Your-HomeHomeowners tend to believe their home is worth more than it’s actual value. Overpricing a home can sabotage your opportunity to get the most money for your property. If you’re ready to sell take these four proactive tips so that you can be in the position to ensure the highest selling price in your neighborhood.

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Kim Anderson, Residential Realtor/BHHS Select Properties

KimAndersonShowcardKim Anderson, Residential Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Select Properties joins Doug and Tammie for a glimpse in to what makes her a top realtor. Kim has been a realtor for 14 years and with her knowledge is able to serve her clients with wisdom and experience!

Listen in as Kim talks about what has helped her become so successful as a realtor and gives great advice for people looking to purchase a home. Visit Kim’s website to download her app and learn more about her at or contact her directly (314)704-1276.

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Scott Shafman, Senior Loan Officer for Cornerstone Mortgage

ScottShafmanShowcard-finalScott Shafman has been a mortgage professional for 13 years, the last five of those spent at Cornerstone Mortgage as a Senior Loan Officer. Scott joins Doug and Tammie on todays show to discuss why he chose Cornerstone and goes in to detail about the process of determining which loan package is right for you. Continue reading “Scott Shafman, Senior Loan Officer for Cornerstone Mortgage”

Choosing the Right Type of Financing For You

choosing-the-right-financingOn todays show Doug and Tammie discuss different types of loan packages available and the qualifications that are necessary to attain them. Doug specializes in helping people get the loan package that best suits their needs by using different tools such as strategic planning and credit consolations. If you would like a free credit consolation call or text Doug at 314-472-DOUG(3684). Tune in for details about loan packages that may be just right for you and download Doug’s resource guide here for more information.

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How Present Are You When Viewing Real Estate?

not-presentMost real estate viewings last less than an hour. Are you mentally present and prepared for what you want to accomplish by going inside? If not, you may miss the value point and disregard a poor showing or misconstrue a professionally staged one. First-time buyers and  buyers who haven’t purchased in a long time are at a certain disadvantage because they have little experience envisioning how someone else’s home, a vacant property, or a set of builder’s drawings  can be transformed into their dream home.

Processing what a property has and has not to offer has always been a challenge for buyers but has become even greater since smartphones arrived. Our smartphone obsession with checking messages, taking pictures/videos, and sharing to keep us routinely distracted is a problem for property viewers.

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