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Testimonial From First Time Home Buyer

A testimonial from clients are the greatest reward given to any loan officer.  Client Mike offers a viewpoint that many other first time home buyers may be faced with and how much Doug Haldeman was able to help him through his first home purchase!

Mike says, ” I am really grateful for all the effort Doug, Bridget and his team put into helping him purchase his first home!”

Take advantage of the opportunity to refinance or buy your next home with someone that will be in your corner!  Call Doug today 314-472-3684.

Testimonial Audio: First Time Home Buyer

Testimonial Audio: Millennial Home Buyer

Testimonial Audio: Recap of lessons learned

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Brexit Update

Brexit Update                         Brexit blocks on coins

Brexit happened. And one of the biggest, and most immediate, effects on everyday Americans is how it will change mortgage interest rates.

Doug Haldeman with Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc, encourages those looking to buy or those wanting to refinance to call him now to take advantage of the lowest rate in three years.  Take advantage of this opportunity as we don’t know how long it will last!

They’ve already hit rock bottom this year. In the past month alone, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages have hovered around 3.7 percent, nearly a three-year low. Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is expected to drive rates even lower.

Mortgage Bankers Association chief economist Michael Fratantoni forecasted a rate of 4.8 percent by December 2017. That would be the highest rate since 2009, and a 30 percent boost from current levels.

By the end of 2016, Fratantoni expects rates to reach four percent. He noted that he’s turned his estimates more conservative in recent months, but predicts an increase nevertheless.

That could change with the Brexit referendum passing, however. He noted that Treasury rates had already dropped about 20 basis points by Friday morning.

“At this point, it is unclear whether this will just be a short term disruption, or whether it will have a longer term impact,” Fratantoni said. “Our best guess at this point is that the impact on the mortgage market will be to keep mortgage rates lower for longer, likely leading to another pickup in refinance activity.”



Success Clues

Success Clues

What does success look like to you? This may be a difficult question to answer for most, however with a little focus the answer can be found. For some success means a new house or car, but for others it means the ability to spend more time with family or friends. However, one looks at success there are important tips to remember to avoid losing sight of what’s really important.

These 8 success clues come from business and life coach Tim Braheem with Performance Experts:

  1. In order to have what you want, start by wanting what you have.
  2. What you focus on, you bring closer ,because when you focus on gratitude you are calling abundance into your life.
  3. It’s impossible to be a victim when you’re in gratitude.
  4. It’s your relationship TO the journey, not the destination that will determine success.
  5. Get clear on the experiences that fill your soul and give yourself those experiences often.
  6. Be careful not to sacrifice your EXPERIENCE for the symbol.
  7. The symbol is NEVER a bad thing. It’s our RELATIONSHIP to the symbol that causes our imbalance and suffering.
  8. Beware of competing intentions.

Symbols vs. Experience

Ask yourself the question “What Do I Want?”. For the most part, people can list all kinds of things they want. Cars, houses, money, and toys of all sorts frequently come up. Relationships, kids, travel, adventure, and good health also make the most frequently cited list.

From here, spend a little time in reflection on the question, “Why do I want those things?” “What do I hope will be true if I have the (job, money, house, etc)?” A slightly more refined question would be, “what experience am I looking for”- if I only had the right car, house, money, etc, what would I then be experiencing?”

Once you find the proper balance of the things you desire and the experiences you yearn for the more things will seemingly fall into place.

Success Clues 1

Success Clues 2






Market Update: No Fed Rate Hike & Brexit

European Union
Great Britian leaving the EU?

Market Update: No Fed Rate Hike & Brexit


Britain will decide, via a referendum, whether to stay in the European Union(EU) or not on Thursday, June 23. The British exit or “Brexit” as it’s known could have major economic impacts on the U.S. as well as the EU. No country has ever left the EU and this could bring into question the strength of the union itself.

Market Update Audio File:

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Average Credit Card Debt in America

Average Credit Card Debt in America

Our researchers found the median debt per American household to be $2,300, while the average credit card debt stands at $5,700. Combined data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve allowed us to dive deeper into credit card debt in the United States, and look beyond the face value of those two figures. Below you’ll find some of the most prominent trends that emerged from the available data.

American Credit Card Debt Statistics & Key Findings – Updated May 2016

  • Average American Household Debt: $5,700. Average for balance-carrying households: $16,048
  • Total Outstanding U.S. Consumer Debt: $3.4 trillion. Total revolving debt: $929 billion
  • 38.1% of all households carry some sort of credit card debt.
  • Households with the lowest net worth (zero or negative) hold an average of $10,308 in credit card debt.
  • The Northeast and West Coast hold the highest average credit card debt – both averaging over $8,000.

Average Credit Card Debt In America Picture 1

Average Credit Card Debt in America

The mean credit card debt of U.S. households is approximately $5,700, according to most recent data from the Survey of Consumer Finances by the U.S. Federal Reserve. This information comes from data collected up through to the year 2013, and represents the most reliable measure of credit card indebtedness in the United States. The “mean amount of credit card debt” considers balances that Americans above the age of 18 have on average, throughout the year.

Credit Card Debt Audio 1

Credit Card Debt Audio 2

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Real Estate Industry Acronyms and Abbreviations

Confused man with real estate papersReal Estate Industry Acronyms and Abbreviations

Within the real estate industry your realtor uses abbreviations and acronyms are often in everyday language. While these terms may seem familiar, their actual meaning may be confusing or different than expected. We have listed some common terms in the industry and explained what they mean.

  • ABR® (The Accredited Buyer’s Representative) *: Real estate buyer agents focused primarily on working with clients throughout the home-buying process.
  • ALCs (Accredited Land Consultants) *: These consultants are the most trusted and experienced experts in land and have successfully completed the LANDU education program.
  • AE (Association Executive): REALTOR® association’s staff members
  • Affiliate: Board/Association membership for companies, organizations, or persons who have products and/or services that would be valuable resources for REALTORS® in their day-to-day business of assisting buyers in the home, commercial, and agricultural sectors, or those who are not otherwise eligible for regular membership.
  • ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials): Members are real estate regulatory officials in North America
  • ASP (Accredited Staging Professional®) *: Professionals who stage homes prior to showing.
  • BOD (Board of Directors): This is an executive body governing the association and overseeing the committees.
  • CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) *: This designation is earned through spending 200 hours in the classroom and experience requirements.
  • CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) *: Individuals with this designation understand aspects of international real estate transactions and are part of a network with more than 2,000 professionals.
  • COE (REALTORS® Code of Ethics): Professional standards and ethics established by NAR for all REALTORS®
  • CPM® (Certified Property Manager) *: Real estate management professionals who are experts and regularly display integrity to peers.
  • CRB (Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager) *: This prestigious award is presented to REALTORS® who have met both educational and professional requirements. These REALTORS® are well equipped to integrate operations, new technology and trends.
  • CRE ™ (Counselor of Real Estate ™) *: International organization comprised of experts providing seasoned, objective advice on property and land topics.
  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) *: It is the highest certificate sales agents, brokers and managers can receive.
  • Crystal R: Individuals who donate to RPAC at the $2,500 level
  • DR (Designated REALTOR®): Within the firm, the individual who has authoritative professional standards.
  • E&O (Errors and Omissions): Association’s liability insurance to help associates and real estate firm’s reduce their risk
  • e-PRO® (Technology Accreditation from NAR) *: Certification teaches new technology to connect with consumers.
  • FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation): Number lenders use to determine the worthiness of credit
  • FPC (Federal Political Coordinator): An individual who works with a Member of Congress to establish and maintain its relationship with NAR.
  • FSBO (For Sale by Owner): When an individual sells their property without the help of an agent or broker.
  • GAA (General Accredited Appraiser) *: An individual is a qualified appraiser and has completed necessary coursework to be considered one.
  • Golden R: Individuals who donate to RPAC at $5,000 level
  • GRI (Graduate, REALTORS ® Institute) *: REALTOR® with extensive industry knowledge and understands a wide range of related topics.
  • IDX (Information Data Exchange): Agreement between firms in MLS that allow for MLS listings to be published and advertised on the firm’s website.
  • Major Donor: Individual who donates more than $1,000 to RPAC
  • MRP (Military Relocation Professional) *: Educates real estate professionals about helping current and former military service members find housing and use their benefits.
  • MLS (Multiple Listing Service): A tool connecting listing brokers with potential buyers to sell their clients’ homes.
  • NAR (National Association of REALTORS®): Largest trade association in America, representing more than 1.1 million members who are involved in all aspects of the real estate industry, both commercial and residential.
  • NRDS (National REALTORS® Database System): An internet centralized database system, storing all REALTOR® records and information.
  • RAA (Residential Accredited Appraiser) *: Individuals well versed in appraisal industry and exceed state certification requirements.
  • RCE (REALTOR ® Association Certified Executive) *: Specifically designed for REALTOR® association executives, individuals with this designation are driven and experienced.
  • REALTOR®: Real estate professional who is member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public.
  • REBAC (Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council): Large association focused specifically on representing the real estate buyer.
  • RLI (REALTORS® Land Institute): Organization created and run by land experts, who work to increase knowledge and business for members.
  • RSPS (Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist) *: REALTORS® who assist in the buying, selling or management of properties for investment, development, retirement or second homes.
  • ROTY (REALTOR® of the Year): Hosted by the National Association of REALTORS®
  • RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee): Works to raise and spend money to help elect candidates that best represents the interest of REALTORS®.
  • Sterling R: Individuals who donate to RPAC at the $1,000 level each year.
  • SFR® (Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource®) *: Teaches finance, tax and legal issues to help sellers understand short sales, negotiation tactics, develop a short sale package, limit risk, protect your commission and buyers.
  • WCR (Women’s Council of REALTORS®): A network striving to continue to advance women as professionals and leaders within the industry.
  • YPN (Young Professionals Network): Network of young professionals helping one another by sharing tricks, hosting events and communicating with each other.

* Denotes designation, an accreditation earned by the individual through education and experience.


From <http://thelanding.missourirealtor.org/blogs/missouri-realtors/2016/04/15/industry-accronyms-and-abbreviations>


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Home Buying with SmartMortgage.com

Home Buying with Christopher Beahm
Cornerstone Welcomes Christopher Beahm

Home Buying With SmartMortgage.com

Whether you’re a first-time buyer purchasing a starter home or making a move up to your dream home, Christopher has the skill and knowledge to help you pick a loan program and manage the loan process through closing.  Doug Haldeman welcomes Christopher Beahm to the Cornerstone Studios as they talk about their online program called SmartMortgage.com.