iAutoAgent: Revolutionary Way To Sell Or Buy Your Car


Revolutionary Way To Sell Your Car

Have you ever tried to sell your own car before? Better yet, have you purchased a vehicle before? Regardless of your answers we are about to change your way of thinking on how you buy and sell your cars.

As many of you know the second most expensive purchase you will make in your entire life is buying a car. (Of course there’s those of us who buy helicopters and jets, but let’s stay focused).

This progressive tech company in the automotive arena goes by the name of iAutoAgent.  iAutoAgent is the revolutionary  way to go about buying and selling cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Jay Grossman and his team actually do all the work for you.   These real estate agents for your car will sell your cars for you, and do so absolutely free to you the seller.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.

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How to Rent your Home on AirBnB

How to Rent your Home on AirBnB

Would you pay for two hotel rooms in a single night, but use only one? Probably not, but when you go on holiday and continue to pay your rent or mortgage while you’re gone, this is essentially what you’re doing. Paying for a space you aren’t staying in not only bleeds your travel budget, but leaves a perfectly usable space, well, unused.

What I find most painful about all of this is that there’s a solution that can even hand you a profit while you’re gone. In turn, it can also help other travellers explore your hometown. So why not return the favour, and earn some travel cash on the side? Here’s how to rent your home on AirBNB and be an AWESOME host, too!

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5 Reasons to Refinance

5 Reasons to Refinance  

You may find that refinancing could save tens of thousands of dollars in interest and years of mortgage debt repayment. It does take some effort to get the process started. However, the time and effort spent could easily be worth it depending on your situation. 

*If you’re considering a refinance or have some questions you can contact Doug at (314) 472-DOUG(3684).

Here are some reasons that you may want to consider refinancing your home loan:

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Bank, Banker, & Broker- What’s the Difference?

Bank,  Banker, & Broker- What’s the Difference?

You may have been flooded with information about the mortgage and banking industry and from your view point, a lender is a lender. Distinguishing the differences between banks, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers can save you some frustration, time, and in some cases, money. Continue reading Bank, Banker, & Broker- What’s the Difference?

5 Things Renters Should Know About Owning

5 Things Renters Should Know About Owning




For renters who aspire to be home owners, transitioning from an apartment to a house requires a shift in their thinking that they may not be prepared to make. The financial changes that come with owning, the need to consider planting longer-term roots in a neighborhood, and new neighborhood rules are things renters may not be thinking about enough.

Moving can already be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, but it may be doubly so for a new home owner. Check out these helpful tips to make your transition from renter to owner as smooth as possible.

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How Parents Grow While Raising Children

How Parents Grow While Raising Children

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. You’re a nurturer, teacher, disciplinarian, cook, cleaner, taxi service, boo-boo fixer, counselor, laundress, and more. When that little bundle of pink or blue was placed in your arms, did you really know just how much your world would change? and for the better?

Having children forces us to change; it usually makes us better people. Here are some of the ways parents can and have grown themselves, while guiding their own children down the path of life.

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Credit Errors: 4 Step Removal

Credit Errors : 4 Step Removal

One common statistic that all reports suggest when determining the number of errors that exist on credit reports is…A LOT. The FTC believes that there are up to 40 million errors on credit reports, other government studies show 1 in 20 have errors impacting their scores.

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