Doug Haldeman is a Mortgage Industry veteran and is Federal and State licensed as a Loan Originator (NMLS ID 298419). He has been featured multiple times as an industry expert on local Fox and NBC affiliates (http://tinyurl.com/cdnqsgx). He is a featured speaker and is a Certified Trainer for classes within the industry. But, his true passion is educating consumers about owning Real Estate, and managing debts. The Doug Haldeman Show and SmartWithYourMoney.com allow Doug to reach thousands of people every week. Doug has owned multiple mortgage companies, and currently serves as the Branch Manager at Cornerstone Mortgage in St. Charles, Missouri, which has grown to over 100 Million in annual loan volume.

Kids in GazeboDoug married his Co-Host, Tammie Haldeman, in June 2013.  This combines Doug’s five children with Tammie’s three for a whopping total of eight kids (plus a Grandson added to the family)!  Doug also performs as a professional juggler, and puts his Mechanical Engineering degree from Mizzou to work by building iPhones in his spare time!

Family History: Doug was destined for Banking, Consumer Education, and Real Estate. His Great Grandmother, S. Alice Haldeman was the first woman Bank President in the State of Kansas. His Grandfather, E. Haldeman-Julius, was a famous publisher, author, was voted into the top reformers of the 20th Century. He sold Hundreds of Millions of books, with the goal of educating the common man. Doug’s Great-Great Aunt, Jane Addams was the first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for her founding of Hull House in Chicago. She was an inspirational leader of women in the Chicago area that uplifted the entire community. Doug’s Father, Henry Haldeman, was a Realtor and well known for his heroics as a pilot in WWII.

Professional Experience: As an experienced Real Estate Investor, Doug has owned up to 112 rental units and sold approximately 190 investment properties. He graduated from the three year entrepreneur program through the prestigious Strategic Coach in Chicago.

Some of Doug’s other credentials include the Presidential Award of Merit from the Missouri Association of Mortgage Professionals (MAMP), former Political Action Committee President for the Industry, served as a Board Member and a National Delegate Council for the MAMP. In addition, Doug served on the National Advisory Council for Ellie Mae, Missouri Housing Industry Alliance Board, the UM Greek Alumni Association, and has done extensive lobbying on a State and Federal level for the Mortgage Industry.

Cornerstone Mortgage (NMLS #223109), based in St. Louis, MO was established in 1996. The company, which has grown to over 200 employees, has climbed to a rank of the second largest Mortgage Lender in the St. Louis metro area.

Doug is driven to educate consumers about Money and basic Financial Principles. This includes:

  • Responsible debt and standard of living management
  • Planning for the unexpected Life Events that create credit card debt
  • Proper Mortgage selection since it is the largest debt for most consumers
  • How to become financially free and debt free

These goals help accomplish the Mission of raising the level of Personal Wealth and Fiscal Literacy in America, and to lower the Divorce Rate by reducing financial stress for couples.

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