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St. Louis Transplants: Anthony Bartlett

St. Louis Transplants








For outsiders, St. Louis is often referred to as the friendliest city where they have no friends. St. Louis is a tight-knit community that can be difficult for newcomers to break into. That’s why Anthony Bartlett founded St. Louis Transplants in 2010. The business is designed to help companies acquire and retain talent in the area. But, really it is a vehicle for new people to get a feel for the city that they may call home.

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Shopping Around For a Mortgage?

Shopping Around For A Mortgage

Here’s the inside scoop on how to do it right!

First:  Are you working with a TRUE Mortgage Professional?

The largest financial transaction of your life is far too important to place into the hands of someone who is not capable of advising you properly and troubleshooting the issues that may arise along the way.  But how can you tell? If your shopping just rates, seriously consider the fact that the lowest bidder is handling the largest debt you will likely ever take on.

 The following 4 simple questions are ones that your lender must be able to accurately answer. If they can’t run, don’t walk away. Continue reading Shopping Around For a Mortgage?

What’s Happening With Auto Premiums

Elaine Mahr Farmers Insurance Agent
Elaine Mahr Farmers Insurance Agent

Auto Premiums Going Up

Americans are driving more, thanks to rising employment and cheaper gasoline. But that also means they’re getting into more accidents — and that’s leading to higher insurance premiums.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of more people cruising the roads. Unsafe behavior also may be contributing to a national accident problem, according to research released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. A report by the Department of Transportation found about 94 percent of drivers engaged in at least one risky behavior while behind the wheel within the past month, including using cell phones or not wearing seat belts.

Size of claims

The size of claims — which in industry lingo is called “claims severity” — is trending higher and affecting several auto insurance companies. Rising costs for medical care and auto repair are big drivers of increasing claims severity. The increasing price of auto parts contributes as well.

But critically, there are more personal auto claims as a result of Americans driving more miles. That trend, which is closely watched by industry analysts, can hurt the profitability of the insurance companies.

How do we mitigate cost?

  • Talk to Elain Mahr  today!  314.238.0055
  • Review Policy
  • Increase Deductible
  • Evaluate your car.  You can visit sites like or Kelly Blue book
  • Decide if you need Full or Liability Insurance
  • Good Student Discount


The Fastest And Safest Way To Payoff Your Home

Doug Show CardCornerstone Mortgage, Inc offers an amazing product that blows away other lenders.  Doug Haldeman, Branch Manager at the St. Charles office location, discusses a new fast and safe way to pay off your home.  Be sure to listen in to find out if this would be an option for you.

If after hearing the show and you want more information reach out to Doug today at 314-472-3684.

Below is a link to Doug’s mortgage coach presentation and the audio to the show.

Doug’s Mortgage Coach Presentation

Testimonial To Doug Haldeman & Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc

Listen In To The Testimonail First Time Home Buyer Mike today!









Testimonial From First Time Home Buyer

A testimonial from clients are the greatest reward given to any loan officer.  Client Mike offers a viewpoint that many other first time home buyers may be faced with and how much Doug Haldeman was able to help him through his first home purchase!

Mike says, ” I am really grateful for all the effort Doug, Bridget and his team put into helping him purchase his first home!”

Take advantage of the opportunity to refinance or buy your next home with someone that will be in your corner!  Call Doug today 314-472-3684.

Testimonial Audio: First Time Home Buyer

Testimonial Audio: Millennial Home Buyer

Testimonial Audio: Recap of lessons learned

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Success Clues

Success Clues

What does success look like to you? This may be a difficult question to answer for most, however with a little focus the answer can be found. For some success means a new house or car, but for others it means the ability to spend more time with family or friends. However, one looks at success there are important tips to remember to avoid losing sight of what’s really important.

These 8 success clues come from business and life coach Tim Braheem with Performance Experts:

  1. In order to have what you want, start by wanting what you have.
  2. What you focus on, you bring closer ,because when you focus on gratitude you are calling abundance into your life.
  3. It’s impossible to be a victim when you’re in gratitude.
  4. It’s your relationship TO the journey, not the destination that will determine success.
  5. Get clear on the experiences that fill your soul and give yourself those experiences often.
  6. Be careful not to sacrifice your EXPERIENCE for the symbol.
  7. The symbol is NEVER a bad thing. It’s our RELATIONSHIP to the symbol that causes our imbalance and suffering.
  8. Beware of competing intentions.

Symbols vs. Experience

Ask yourself the question “What Do I Want?”. For the most part, people can list all kinds of things they want. Cars, houses, money, and toys of all sorts frequently come up. Relationships, kids, travel, adventure, and good health also make the most frequently cited list.

From here, spend a little time in reflection on the question, “Why do I want those things?” “What do I hope will be true if I have the (job, money, house, etc)?” A slightly more refined question would be, “what experience am I looking for”- if I only had the right car, house, money, etc, what would I then be experiencing?”

Once you find the proper balance of the things you desire and the experiences you yearn for the more things will seemingly fall into place.

Success Clues 1

Success Clues 2




Credit Score Basics

credit score

Credit Score Basics

A credit score is based on the information drawn from your credit report and there are many different individual factors that are used to determine your score.

Doug and Tammie go over some of these factors to help breakdown what your score is telling creditors.

What makes up your credit score?

  • Payment History: Makes up 35% 
  • Outstanding Debt: 30%
  • Credit History: 15%
  • Pursuit of New Credit: 10%
  • Types of Credit In Use: 10%

Audio: Credit Score Basics

If you would like the Credit Score Basic Chart fill out contact form below and be sure to add in the comments, “Credit Score Chart”.  We will email it to you directly.  *Note: Your email is kept private we will not sell your email address.

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How To Interview A Realtor When Selling Your Home

real estate agentWhen selling your home, choosing the Realtor who will represent your best interests is one of the most important and one of the first steps in the process.  Unfortunately, many sellers do not understand how important this is or believe that to be the case.

A piece of advice if you are thinking about selling your home, do not hire a Realtor because they are just your friend or because they are a colleagues spouse.  Every Realtor is different, period.  There are many consumers who believe every Realtor is the same and they all do the same things to sell homes, which is the farthest from the truth!  Each Realtor runs their business differently, advertises in different places, and utilizes different sales techniques.

Here are some common questions you should ask when interviewing a Realtor to sell your home.  

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First Time Home Seller

Sold-signMost first time home sellers have no idea where or how to start the home selling process.

It’s very important that first time home sellers understand what the home sale process entails, what costs are associated with selling a home, and many other very important aspects of the home selling process.

Decide What Your Next Move Is

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Investing In Real Estate As A Couple: Part 1

IMG_1080Real estate investing is not a “get rich quick” scheme.  Just as any home needs a solid foundation so does your real estate education.  This is key to your long term investing success.

First ask yourself a few questions:

Do we have a clear understanding of what type of real estate properties are best suited for our specific investment objectives and time lines?  (Ex: Cash Flow, Location, Tax-Advantages, Time)

Do we have a written criteria for selecting our investment property?

Have we figured out the strengths and weaknesses of each person?

Do we have a checklist to evaluate a property to help communicate our expectations and minimize surprises?

Do we as individuals understand the potential pitfalls of investement property?

Does our real estate model include carrying costs?  (Ex: Utilities, Taxes, Maintenance)

Do we have unbiased mentors to help provide guidance on our real estate decisions?

If Yes to these questions….Then Celebrate you are ahead of the game!  If not, consider meeting with Doug Haldeman to address these potential issues.   You can call  or email 314-472.3684 or

Doug Show Card






Investing as a couple Audio 1

Investing as a couple Audio 2