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john neimannJOHN NIEMANN   is the founder of Niemann & Company and a leading expert on solving individual and small business IRS tax problems. As a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) and a CPA, he has represented hundreds of taxpayers who owe the IRS, but simply cannot afford to pay.

John has over 35 years experience as a CPA in the tax arena, with the last 15 years dedicated to helping individuals and businesses solve their IRS collection-related problems. He is consistently quoted in the media as leading expert in his field. John has been an expert contributor to the Doug Haldeman Show on FMNewsTalk 97.1 in Saint Louis.

He is a licensed CPA in the state of Missouri. He is also a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, a non-profit organization whose members are subject to rigorous standards of ethics and professional conduct.


IRS Budget Cuts = More Tax Liens and Tax Collections For The Taxpayer

underreportingJohn Niemann, CPA joins Doug in the Cornerstone Mortgage Studios to discuss how the IRS Budget Cuts are effecting the Taxpayer.

The “Tax Gap” is IRS’ estimate of tax the Treasury misses out on, each year, because of non-filing, underreporting of income and underpayment. The total is estimated at $450 billion a year and $45 billion a year is filed but not paid to IRS.

Listen in to John’s expert advise and be sure to contact him today so you don’t pay the government more than you have to pay!

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Selling A Home To A Relative With John Niemann & Doug Haldeman

old family homeGenerally, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t care who you sell your house to. Whether it’s going to your son, your second cousin or a stranger, you’ll pay the same taxes and get the same treatment. However, there are a few special situations where the IRS takes a more careful look. Generally, if you’re setting up a special transaction that takes advantage of having family involved, or if you’re giving something to your family that you wouldn’t give to a stranger, you may be in for extra scrutiny.

Be sure to tune in to what John Niemann and Doug Haldeman uncover about selling your home to a relative.

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