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Home Scouting: Home Search Made Easy!

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Home Scouting Makes Searching

For A Home Easy!

Doug Haldeman, Mortgage Strategist (NMLS: 298419) with Cornerstone Mortgage shares the free service with his listeners.

He and Tammie discusses some of the benefits of the Home Buyer’s Scouting Report and how it is a great way for the consumer to shop for their next home or investment property.  There are so many great features available with this service.  Not to mention it has 100% of the MLS listings and we DO NOT sell your email to anyone.

If you are considering buying a home in the next 12 months be sure to visit the Home Search Tab above or you can download the mobile app on your phone.

Home Scouting Audio

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5 Steps for Parents with Kids Transitioning to College

5 Steps for Parents with Kids Transitioning to College

One minute they’re young and fragile and you’re rocking them to sleep, and the next they are ready and raring to flee the nest with as much excitement and vigor as they once had for Chuck-E-Cheese and unicorns. Life is fleeting, and nothing is more evident of this than when your child goes away to college.

For a lot of us, thoughts of having our child stay close to home for college, maybe even taking online courses so they don’t have to go far away, has crossed our minds. As parents, the role we really need to play is more supportive and less overbearing at this point. Here are the five things to help your child transition to college.

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Having the “Money Talk” with Your Parents

Having the “Money Talk” with your Parents


Having the “Money Talk” with your parents can be very uncomfortable. However, it is necessary to have now, before it becomes a problem in the future. People tend to not like talking about money or death, so when you combine the two it can cause some discomfort. Another reason for avoiding the conversation is that maybe your parents could be embarrassed because they didn’t handle their money well. Also, as the child you don’t want to come off as greedy or nosy.

Whatever the reason, we’re going to outline some steps you can take now to avoid some serious problems down the road.

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Tired Of Feeling Tired? Sick Of Being Sick?


Tired of feeling tired? Sick of being sick?

Angela Brown, Exercise & Nutritionist Expert, joins Doug and Tammie in studio to discuss what options there are to find out how you can take care of your body and identify the stressors that can effect your moods, sleep and overall health.  If you really are tired of feeling tired every day, sick of being sick or you seem to be going to the doctor and finding no real solution the be sure to give Angela Brown a call today to begin the process of the Dutch Panel Test!  314.226.3137

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How Parents Grow While Raising Children

How Parents Grow While Raising Children

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. You’re a nurturer, teacher, disciplinarian, cook, cleaner, taxi service, boo-boo fixer, counselor, laundress, and more. When that little bundle of pink or blue was placed in your arms, did you really know just how much your world would change? and for the better?

Having children forces us to change; it usually makes us better people. Here are some of the ways parents can and have grown themselves, while guiding their own children down the path of life.

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Life Insurance Is Worth It In The End


Life Insurance Is Worth It In The End

Deciding whether you need life insurance can be a complicated process. The decision can be even harder when you are younger. Today Elaine Mahr highlights some of the issues that you should think about.  Be sure to listen in to find out more about the cheapest insurance policy one can own that has the most benefits to your loved ones.

Life Insurance Audio:

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Top Strategies to Decrease Debt

Creating A Debt Free Zone
Creating A Debt Free Zone

Doug’s Top Strategies To Decrease Debt

The ideal scenario for people is to start with a fresh slate, decrease debt and still meet your monthly obligations. Defining your needs and wants is a great place to start.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most people.  I know this story too well.

Doug’s Story:  I grew up in a trailer and thought that success was going to be when I had a million dollar house and nice cars.  Through buying real estate and owning a mortgage company I was able to achieve my dream of success.  I bought a million dollar home in St. Charles County that was 8000 square feet.  I had a Lexus and an Escalade.  I bought that dream home at the end of 2005, and the value never went higher, and my income only went down.

Here are some of the top strategies I learned to decrease my debt to regain credit worthiness:

Audio 1: Decrease Debt

Audio 2: Decrease Debt

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What salary do you need to afford a home in your city?

Salary Needs To Buy A Home In The US
Salary Needs To Buy A Home In The US

by Ryan Smith25 Aug 2016

What salary do you need to afford a home in your city of choice?  

How does your city rate in terms of home affordability? A recent report by determined the salary families would need to make in 27 metro areas in order to afford the local median home price.

The study assumed a down payment of 20% and operated under the standard that a monthly mortgage payment shouldn’t exceed 28% of the borrower’s income, according to the Huffington Post.

San Francisco residents need the highest salary if they want to afford a home, according to In the San Francisco metro area, a buyer with a 20% down payment would need to make $162,000 a year to afford payments on a median-priced home.

Pittsburgh, Penn., meanwhile, was most affordable; homebuyers there could meet their mortgage payments with only a $32,400 salary. found that home prices have gone up since the first quarter in every metro area surveyed except for Tampa, Orlando and Miami. Nationally, the median home price was $240,700, about a 10% increase from the first quarter.

Back To School and Salary Needs Audio:

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Back-to-School Budget

Back To School On a Budget
Back to school for these 3 out of 8!

How to Work Back-to-School Into Your Budget

Try this little mantra called the 50/20/30 Rule. What that means is:

  • 50% of your monthly income should go toward your essential expenses like housing, utilities and groceries.
  • 20% should go toward your financial priorities like debt payments, retirement accounts, college savings and emergency fund.
  • The last 30% can be spent on your “choices,” or areas of your budget with wiggle room, like going out to eat, funding your hobbies, and (drum roll, please) back-to-school shopping!

If you’re finding yourself caught off-guard this year by school expenses, start planning for next year so that doesn’t happen again.  Consider setting up a specific savings account for a back-to-school savings goal that you feel comfortable with, and you can contribute to it each month throughout the year so it’s not an all-at-once expense.

Here are some resources that may be able to help:

Couples and Money

Couples and Money

Disagreeing about money is almost inevitable — but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. As an individual, you have priorities about what you want your money to do for you that may or may not line up with your spouse or partner (or parents or friends). What you need to learn is how to communicate your wishes in a way that’s respectful of the fact that their priorities and wishes may not be on track with yours.  

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