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FHA Loosens Condo Requirements

condoCondos, which are often popular housing options for many younger and first-time homebuyers, are also viable living arrangements for older homeowners who seek a more active and urban lifestyle, or a more maintenance-free quality of life. Current blanket certification policies, however, have restricted not only many would-be buyers from purchasing condo units, but have also hindered the ability of seniors to continue living in these housing developments.
FHA has historically set standards for condominium project approvals.  The good news is they have loosened some of those rules for investors and private owners.
You can do that at this following link:
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Shelly Clark On Surveying, Mapping & Flood Zones

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Are you in the zone? The flood zone that is. Doug and Tammie interview Shelly Clark with Cardinal Surveying & Mapping. Shelly shares her experience and wisdom in shedding some light on FEMA Flood Zoning and the difference between 100 year and 500 year flood zones.  In addition, Shelly discusses what homeowners need to know when they own property.  Listen in today!

Segment: Flood Zones

Segment: Surveying Part 1

Segment: Surveying Part 2

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange with Greg Schowe

Greg Schowe show cardGreg Schowe  with United Country Real Estate- Commercial  joins Doug and Tammie in the studio to help shed some light on the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange opportunity for investors.

The payment of income or capital gain tax on the sale of property can be voluntary thanks to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code which is one of the most underutilized sections of the tax code.  Maybe for the laymen better understood as a 1031 Rollover.  Basically the gain is rolled over to a new property. There are an unlimited number of times an individual can successfully rollover gain and postpone tax. The ultimate goal is to make this tax disappear by one of two ways:

1. Sellers may successfully rollover gain and ultimately move into one of their investment properties and declare it to be their primary residence. Provided they are married and have held the property for five years, reside in the property for a minimum of two years, they can exempt $500,000.00 in taxes upon the ultimate sale.

2. Capital gains taxes are eliminated upon the death of the property owner. Heirs receive a step up in basis on the date of death.

Below are some simple points to master to have a clear understanding of the rules pertaining to 1031 exchanges.

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Short Sales are the “New Normal” for homeowners with mortgages.  Without a negotiator you could be losing out on someone in your corner.  Elizabeth Kayser and Ryan Hyde of Kayser Law Firm joins Doug and Tammie in the Cornerstone Studio to explain and dispel any myths of  what a Short Sale is.

Simply put, short sales begin when a homeowner cannot sell their house for enough to cover the mortgage. “Prior to the crash, the banks simply pulled the foreclosure trigger,” says Elizabeth Kayser of Kayser Law Firm. Because foreclosures lose Continue reading SHORT SALES WITH KAYSER LAW FIRM

Stephen Schultz: Amusement Park and Pedestrian Safety

waterparlsStephen Schultz with Schultz & Myers Law Firm sticks around to share his experience when dealing with amusement park and pedestrian injury cases and offers free advice to listeners about why it’s important to have uninsured motorist coverage.
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Stephen Schultz with Schultz & Myers Law Firm: Firework Accidents

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This year there have been quite a few serious firework accidents some of which were fatal. Stephen Schultz joins todays show to discuss what your homeowners insurance covers if someone gets injured by fireworks on your property, as well as, how to handle many other highly possible situations while celebrating with fireworks.

For more information on anything you hear in Stephen’s interview be sure to contact him he will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this topic.

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Stephen Schultz: Condo & Apartment Liability

What happens if you get hurt inside of the property you are renting? What if the dry wall ceiling collapses or you slip on ice in the parking lot? Stephen Schultz sticks around to discuss what legal steps to take. Stephen also offers great advice on personal injury accidents when owning a condo.

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Stephen Schultz Gives Advice on What to Do after an Auto Accident

Stephen Schultz from Schultz & Myers discusses what to do after an auto accident and much more!

-What is the correct procedure to take after an auto accident?
-How to complete the claim correctly
-Underinsured motorist coverage
-Hit/run procedures
-Uninsured motorists
-Medical payments after an auto accident
-Diminished Value Claim
-Police Report
-Form 1140
-What type of injuries are compensable?
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Tune in with Doug Haldeman and Adrian Kleeschulte of Cornerstone Mortgage along side Tom Terbrock while they discuss everything you need to know about PMI:
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