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Shelly Clark On Surveying, Mapping & Flood Zones

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Are you in the zone? The flood zone that is. Doug and Tammie interview Shelly Clark with Cardinal Surveying & Mapping. Shelly shares her experience and wisdom in shedding some light on FEMA Flood Zoning and the difference between 100 year and 500 year flood zones.  In addition, Shelly discusses what homeowners need to know when they own property.  Listen in today!

Segment: Flood Zones

Segment: Surveying Part 1

Segment: Surveying Part 2

Knox Mailhes With Integrity Title Solutions

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Knox Mailhes with Integrity Title Solutions joins us in the studio to add his expertise on the topic of land surveying and title work is when you are buying your next house!

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Knox Mailhes
Integrity Land Title

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Surveying The Lines- Do You Know Where Your Property Lines Are Located?

marty marlerWhen is a survey necessary?

Before land is conveyed, it is important to establish the correct property lines and acreage regardless of the intended use of the property. Land is becoming increasingly scarce and cannot be manufactured. The price of land is escalating rapidly, and a small error in acreage could represent a large amount of money.

Before land is subdivided, most Tennessee counties and towns require a subdivision plat to be recorded that conforms to State and Local Standards.

Before making improvements, it is necessary to know correct property lines to avoid encroachment on adjoining property and possible litigation.

Before land is divided by Will, a survey will insure that the intent of the Will is fulfilled.

When your attorney, architect, engineer, land surveyor, title company, or real estate agent advises it.

Before money lending agencies will lend money on land, most will require a mortgage loan survey.

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