Doug Haldeman on Father’s Day: Committing To Be A Good Dad!

doug as a dadDoug Haldeman, Stephen Burton and Tammie Renfro talk on the role of the father in the home and they share their childhood stories of the important lessons learned from their dads.

Action Points for Dads on the Journey

  • Being a great dad starts with being there … showing up … getting involved.
  • Find one more way to be involved in your children’s lives this week.
  • Keep being faithful in the everyday responsibilities  that too often get taken for granted: going to work to provide for your family; helping with a project; tucking in before bed; fixing a meal; attending games and lessons, etc.
  • Put more thought into making everyday activities more fun for your kids.
  • Whenever your child is talking to you, make the effort to stop what you’re doing, get down on her level, and really listen.
  • Before you walk in the door after work, take a few minutes to gather yourself, release stress, and adjust your attitude. Be ready to focus fully on your kids.
  • Start the habit of sending your child short, affirming texts at various times in the day.
  • Coach your children through situations they perceive as trials. When they complain, help them see a different perspective and      challenge them to step up and meet the task head on.
  • Remember that you set the tone for your family. Stay positive during challenges; inject hope and humor into your family life;  your wife and children will follow your lead.
  • Be ready to adjust to your child’s unique situation and find new ways to interact with him or her. Maybe your child needs more physical affection, or more verbal interaction.

Consider starting one new habit that will make a difference with your family.

These action steps, tips and articles can be found on the website called Nation Center for Fathering at

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